The Cub Collective is a group dedicated to giving rise to a new generation of art enthusiasts by lowering the barrier to entry into the art world. Entering is as easy as participating.

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Cub Volume 1: The Pilot

There is an obvious divide between the two worlds of technology and art in San Francisco, and The Pilot intends to bridge the two. Most individuals in this city who work in the tech sector can name at least ten different startups, their CEO’s, and who is funding them, but if you ask them to name ten local artists, they probably need to "Google it". The Pilot will link these individuals with the visionaries and brilliant minds of San Francisco’s art world, in hopes to spark the same level of excitement they share amongst each other in the tech community. These artists' direct movements, aesthetic, and thought are the backbone of this city’s culture, and The Pilot will make that known.

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